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Sekolah Global Indo-Asia is committed to foster a life-long love for learning for the students and part of this commitment is to help the students develop holistically. With this, the Secondary Department had developed friday workshops program for the students to learn relevant skills. The program had started last July 27, 2018 for school year 2018-2019.


The Grade 12B and Grade 9 students had the Time Management workshop with Ms. Helen and Mr. Roger respectively.

In the beginning of the session, students evaluated their personal goals that have been made from the previous school year. They then learned that time management is a skill to identify the why’s and what and to get the big picture of their lives including their purpose and goals. They realized that if there is no effective time management, without a clear and specific goal to reach with a plan, success might not be attained. Students were advised that they need to write their objectives into their weekly calendar (short-term goals) and eventually into their yearly calendars (long-term goals) to make it visible and to make them live by intention. Based on study, people who commit their goals on paper and set plan to accomplish them, 99% reach their goals compare to those who don't.

Before the workshop ended, some students were tasked to share their goals for next year and how will they achieve it. Some of them even shared their goal for university and what major that they want to take.

The Grade 8 had a Puberty, Dating and Sex Education workshop with Ms. Khairinnisa.

The aim for Puberty, Dating, and Sex Education workshop is to help the students to become more confident in addressing issues related to puberty, dating, relationships, and self-care, as well as to understand some of the physical, emotional and psycho-social aspects of sexual awareness. Following the workshop, students will be able to describe differences between being public and private, identify the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty and identify rules related to private body parts and social appropriateness.


The Grade 7 had a Cyberbullying workshop with Ms. Maylani.

 The students were able to learn from the workshop the different forms of cyberbullying, the prevalence of cyberbullying among teenagers, the different types of cyberbullies and how to responding to cyberbullies.


The Grade 10 had a First Aid workshop with Mr. Frank and Mr. David.

Throughout the workshop, students were able to learn the basic First Aid practices to be followed during emergency situations such as:

  1. How to evaluate a person for (shock, bleeding, burns, and broken bones)

  2. Treat a person who symptoms of shock

  3. Treat a person who is bleeding

  4. How to treat a person with burns

  5. How to treat a person who has a broken bone

  6. Perform CPR on a person

The students were very enthusiastic about the workshops. They stated that they would like to learn more about other skills in the future.


The students were very enthusiastic about the workshops. They stated that they would like to learn more about other skills in the future.

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