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Grade 11 Assembly

The Grade 11 students stood tall, their solemn gaze fell upon the audience, and with the good to go given by their conductor, Ms. Charo, an uproar of their first line ‘Racism has a Human Heart’ had resonated the gym. The 24th of August 2018 marks the first class assembly of the school year, and what better way is there to start with the theme ‘Uniting Diversity of Races’, presented by the largest batch of SGIA, Grade 11. Kicking off with a testimony against racism and acts of discrimination, the Grade 11 students made their point loud and clear; that they are out to unite diversities and races. With grace and respectfulness, they bowed in dignity, before the assembly’s emcee Farhan, had announced their first step in their goal to unite the world: Puerto Rico.


Grade 11’s list of performances began with single hit ‘Despacito’ that unsurprisingly hyped the crowd. The song represented the Puerto Rican culture of outgoingness, and the ever frolic smiles of the dancers, as they acted out the well-choreographed moves, couldn’t do better to reflect it. After a loud ovation as the performance ended, a tune recognisable by the filipinos blared out the speakers, signaling the next group of dancers to come on stage to represent the islands of the Philippines. The next performances included Indonesia that saw a traditional dance rooting from ancient Balinese ancestry; USA and Korea that undoubtedly received loud applause due to its uprising popularity in pop culture; China which showcased professional martial arts; and a mixture of Egypt and UK that proved as serious as they may seem to be, the Grade 11 students are mainly out there to put smiles on the audience’s faces, and promote a positive cause.

Alas, the assembly came to an end with the last performance, as all students participating stood in formation, all representing Africa. They danced to the tune ‘Waka Waka’, with the Audience joining in on the singing. The gym reverberated with applaud and cheers, and with the last quote ‘We, the Grade 11 students, Uniting the Diversity of Races’, the assembly came to a closing end. The dance was well received enough, that Mr Ismail, the secondary principal, requested an encore as the chant ‘We want more” echoed in the back. The time the performance was repeated, a few teachers had took part in the dance, and the singing became louder than it previously was.


Whether it was the tightly choreographed dance, the way the host modulated his voice, or the well thought out and significant topic relevant to this generation, the Grade 11 had set the benchmark for assembly performances quite high; high enough to encourage other grades to do as good, or, even better.

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