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Grade 11 IBDP’s CAS in Collaboration with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)

On September 10-14 2018, the grade 11IB students went on a trip to Cipanas, Cianjur in collaboration with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) as a part of their CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service). This exposure trip hosted numerous valuable activities such as teaching, farming, visiting the local community, dancing traditional dance, playing the traditional instrument, Angklung and exploring the natural and historical sites in the area. It allowed students to reach out and be involved with the community.

On the first day of the trip, the team arrived at the YUM camp at 2 pm after a 4 hour ride from Jakarta. As soon as the team arrived,  everyone had lunch and an orientation about YUM. Following that, the students had an arts and crafts session with the elementary students and English class with the high school students.

On the second day, everyone woke up at 5:30M to have a morning walk by the rice fields.  It was followed by a workshop session on organic farming methods.


The group was then split into 2 groups and conducted 2 different activites. Group 1 participated in teaching sports, and group 2 participated in indoor games.

In the afternoon, the team visited the dairy farm where the students were taught how to make yogurt and how to milk the cows. For some of the students, it was their first time to see cows.  Some of them even had chance to milk a cow. After this, the group continued to walk to the koi farm where they fed huge koi fishes.


Back in the YUM camp, students were taught how to play ‘Tanah Airku’ and  ‘Indonesia Pusaka’ with the angklung. At night, everyone sat around a bonfire and enjoyed conversations and music.


On the third day, the students taught English at a local school. The SGIA students were divided into three groups. Each group was assigned to teach a specific grade level.

It was followed by activities in the YUM village. Group 1 assisted teachers in the YUM preschool while group 2 worked in the organic farm. In the afternoon, the students had an English club lesson at the  library and had another arts and crafts workshop.

The students also visited homes of families receiving YUM’s aid. There, they gave donations and chatted for a while to get to know the family.


On the fourth day of the trip,everyone woke up at 5:30AM for another morning walk. Then, the students all dressed up in formal clothes as they head to the Presidential Palace.

Following the Presidential Palace visit, he students learned the traditional dance ‘Dok Dok Lojor’.


In the afternoon, the students conducted English conversation classes, mini-olympic games with kids, and showed them the magic of science.


On the last day of the trip,  SGIA students handed out toothbrushes and toothpastes to the preschool students and taught them how to brush their teeth. After brushing their teeth, the preschool students had storytelling session with question and answer portion. Those who answered the questions correctly were given treats.


Overall, the trip had been life-changing and had been an eye-opener. Students have learned so many things from how to make organic composts, how to milk a cow, to realizing the weight of being a teacher and learning how to respect other’s culture and traditions. Furthermore, the students were able to immerse in the community and interact with the villagers, hence, exposing them to life outside their school and comfort zone. They were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses when given limited time for certain tasks and have developed their resilience in every challenge given. Most importantly, the trip was an opportunity for students to bond among each other, have fun and learn at the same time. The trip has enhanced the students’ creativity, social, communication and thinking skills through varied activities while serving the Cipanas community.


“My experience in Cipanas was absolutely amazing. The trip improved my social and leadership skills. I gained a lot of experiences and knowledge on farming, yoghurt making, and playing Angklung.”

Diva - 11IBDP

“This experience has taught me a lot about how to live a proper life and respect others. It was a humbling experience to meet the beneficiaries.”

Kelly - 11IBDP

“I also felt this sudden impulse building upon inside me; the urge to want to help those in need as much as possible, and acknowledging to not always look forward, but look back as well at those troubled and to provide help. “

Farhan - 11IBDP

“I realize that farming requires a lot of hard work because the weather was so hot. Through that I tend to appreciate my food more. Now I know that the food on my table does not come easy. It comes from the hardwork of farmers.”

Jefry - 11IBDP

Here are some testimonies from the students:

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