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NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Visiting a zoo is one of the most exciting experiences for first graders. Last November 1, Grade 1 students embark on another meaningful learning experience to Singapore Zoo. This is to support the current transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet” with the central idea: “Animals have roles to sustain the needs of other lives in the environment.”


Upon arriving at the Singapore Zoo, students followed the educational program at Rainforest Kidzworld. They were able to meet one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, the “Falabella”. Steps were explained how to care for them. Students were also given a chance to pet the miniature horse but were given a few guidelines on how to do it. Afterward, the zoo educators had the students in small groups and shared how rabbits are petted and how they like to be in quiet places. Again, each student had a turn to touch the rabbits. Rabbits get uncomfortable when they are surrounded by loud noises. The educational program also included feeding of goats. Families of goats were in the pen and the zoo educators showed how to feed them using the “leaf by leaf”.


After lunch, the students explored several animal kingdoms. A visit was made to the Reptile Garden where students found tortoises, turtles, and chameleons among other animals. Walking around the Wild Africa area allowed the children to see the different animals that belong to the mammal group, namely: lions, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, African painted dog and rhinoceros.

Students had a great experience when they got on the tram ride to observe more animals in the zoo. The tram ride started at Station 3. The trip lasted for about 30 minutes and we were able to see the other parts of the zoo which we could not if we explore it on foot. The most spectacular part of the tram ride was we had a short stop at the Free-ranging Orang-utan Island. We were able to watch for a little while young orang-utans are having their meals together atop the trees.


It is wonderful that this field trip gave students an opportunity to see different classifications of animals in their habitats and get to know better how our responsibility as humans is important in looking after and preserving them.

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