Grade 2’s Unit of Inquiry

Where We Are in Place and Time

2 Days Field Trip Around Batam

(May 8 and 9, 2017)

The Grade 2 Unit of Inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme,

 ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’. In order to get more factual information about our island’s natural geography and to know the impacts of geographical features of a location on human interactions and settlements, Grade 2 students and teachers have   visited and explored different  places/landmarks  along the four corners (North, East, South and West) of Batam island.

On May 8, 2017 (Monday) was the first day of our field trip and we visited and explored East and West parts of Batam (Nongsa, Kabil, Batu Besar, Batam Center, Batu Aji, Sekupang and Tiban).


The second day of our field trip was held on May 9, 2017(Tuesday); we visited and explored North and South parts of Batam (Barelang Bridge, Batu Ampar, Sengkuang, Bengkong,Sagulung, Tembesi, TgPiayu and Duriangkang).

The aims of the 2 day field trip are the following:

  1. To discover, experience in reality and distinguish the differences between natural features to man-made features;

  2. To enhance a better understanding about natural geography of Batam Island;

  3. To empower and learn outside the classroom and make the activities more engaging and interesting;

  4. To perceive the effects of geographical features of a location on human interactions and settlements;

  5. To experience and discover the landmarks in different locations along the four directions of Batam Island.

During the field trip, the students have done an observational drawing of natural and man-made features that they see on the said places. Overall, they were able to meet up the purposes of this immersion. They will use these additional knowledge and information about geographical features of Batam Island and explain the impacts of these features of a location on human interactions and settlements, when they will do the completion of their map for their summative assessment. Most of them are new to these locations we have visited and they have inquired more. Before and after the field trip, the students have been very eager, interested and excited to know these places and in fact; they appreciate the various places in Batam.    



By: Ms. Mecho

(Grade 2B Homeroom Teacher)

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