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Physical Education Equipment and Mr. Hedy
Unit of Inquiry 4
How The World Works
Grade 2

Children learn through play and thus develop their creativity. Kids surely like to play and SGIA collection of gym equipment make it easier. Thanks to such equipment as many kids have a good training and fun at the same time.

Training exercises provide various benefits for children, including increased endurance, stronger muscles and bones, and improved self-confidence. SGIA’s gym equipment is introduced to students before starting any exercise program to ensure proper safety and techniques to be used.

The PE equipment is carefully selected by Mr. Hedy to enhance physical development, help children enjoy physical fitness and show them how to be active throughout their lifetime. Through SGIA’s selection of high-quality fitness and sports equipment like ball, bats, rackets and foamed mats-these materials help Mr. Hedy to engage and energize students to be active today and sustain a healthy lifestyle tomorrow. He has taught children that gym resources are significantly chosen according to its form, function and connection of these materials which are flexible and ideal for their purpose.

Prepared by: Ms. Nova

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