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Grade 5 PYP Exhibition:

A Culminating Experience and Celebration of Learning


It’s SGIA 10th PYP Exhibition! This year we have 8 groups of students working with different central ideas under the transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet.” In the spirit of supporting learner’s agency, students were given options to select real life issues and develop their own central ideas, concepts and lines of inquiry. The issues selected were varied these are; Overfishing, Water Pollution, Extinction and Exploitation of Animals, Poverty, Global Warming, Deforestation, Natural Disaster and Monopoly of Resources. The students also developed the success criteria and assessment tools together with their teachers. They collaborated with their peers, mentors and advisers throughout the process from the planning until the action part. Finally, students evaluated the success of their exhibition and did a final reflection of the whole exhibition process.


The presentation and sharing session were divided into two parts: First on April 11 is for parents and the following day (April 12) is for the rest of the school community. In the opening performance, the students showcased their dance and musical talent and each group also exhibited a 3D artwork to express concepts of their related issue. We have seen many changes since our first PYP Exhibition in 2010. Students now use more technology in their sharing and presentation. They make their own websites, ppt and videos as part of their action. We have also seen active roles of students in the process of inquiring and investigating by conducting fieldtrips to different places in Batam, conducting survey as well as doing Skype interview with resources speakers.


It has been indeed a meaningful learning journey for both students and teachers. We thank the whole school community for their support in the process of the exhibition and good luck to our Grade 5 students who will embark a new learning journey in the next stage of their education.

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