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Grade 7 Assembly Performance 2019-2020: ‘Silence is Golden and Actions Speak Louder than Words’

On Friday the 28th of February 2020, The Grade 7 class gave a humorous and spectacular performance in front of the student body.

As Grade 7’s theme for the performance was ‘Silence is Golden” and ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’, the performance involved speed drawing, mimes, a speechless cowboy, singing oven mittens, dancing and a rock band performance.

The show was hosted by MCs Bona, Vito, and Joel.  The performance started out with speed drawing featuring grade 7’s artists. After speed drawing, the MCs introduced the first act entitled ‘The Car’, which involved a mime played by Ahmed. Ahmed selected a guest from the audience, Mrs. Anjali and performed a very funny interactive skit with Mrs. Anjali. The audience enjoyed this performance judging by their laughter.

mc 3.jpg

Next up was MC Joel, using oven mittens designed to represent a man and a woman singing the extra ‘mushy’ love song “Endless Love”, was entertaining especially with the hilarious facial expressions coming from Joel.

joel .jpg

The next performance was a dance to a popular K-pop song and a Tik-Tok song which was performed by grade 7 girls.  Again it was enjoyed by the audience as many students at SGIA enjoy dancing.

Takumi was next to perform an incredibly funny speechless interactive routine with an audience member which turned out to be the ever-popular Librarian, Mr. Johannes. Takumi’s routine was performed to Elvis’s ‘Return to Sender’.

girl dance.jpg

After Takumi’s performance, another mime appeared on the stage played by Sean. His routine was called “The Date”. Sean chose Ms. Shelly from the audience for the interactive skit. It was laughs from start to finish without saying a word! Up next a staple gun shooting cowboy.

After Sean’s wonderful mime performance, a silent cowboy came to the stage and challenged Mr. Reese to a gunfight on stage. Of course, it was a staple gunfight with balloons, but none the less hilarious. Cody prevailed in the staple gunfight, but Mr. Reese lived to fight another day!


The next act involved a toilet seat, two horses, a plunger, toilet paper, pom-poms, and a cowboy hat. This routine was performed by James with the assistance of our principal, Mr. Ismail. The audience really enjoyed the principal enjoying a laugh and having fun with us.

Alice in Wonderland and ‘The Mad Tea party’ was up next. Alice was portrayed by Kyla, The Mad Hatter by Sean, the Dormouse by Yi Xin and the March hare by Cheryl.


After ‘The Mad Tea Party’, Udeshya performed a very funny ‘puppet’ show to the songs of James Brown and others. It was a very funny illusion.

Up next, was the Year 7 band. The lead vocals were performed by Cheryl and Natasya. Lead guitar was played by Kyla, on bass was Vita and on dueling keyboards, were Brayden and Darrel. Also on acoustic guitar was Kenneth and on drums Bennet. The songs played were ‘Zombie’, ‘It’s My Life’ and Sweet Child ‘O Mine’.


For the finale, it was the Black & White Boys to perform a cool dance that created an optical illusion due to their unique custom costumes.

Grade 7 felt confident that they had put on a great show and the audience's response appeared to reflect that feeling.

boy dance.jpg
boy 2.jpg
speed draw.jpg
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