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Our Unforgettable

Grade 7 Field Trip

By Jacelyn Saputra

On the sunny days of 6th and 7th September 2018, the seventh graders went on a field trip to Barelang Harris Hotel, where they experienced numerous fun activities, such as team building, swimming, eating delicious buffets provided by the hotel and having a surprise birthday party for a fellow classmate. There were 36 seventh graders joining and supervised by three teachers (Mr. David, Mr. Helmi, and Ms. Dwi). Few students said that the fieldtrip was by far the best field trip that the seventh-grade class has ever experienced, since it was their first overnight stay without any parental supervision.


On Thursday 6 September 2018 at 7:20 AM, grade 7 students have gathered in their respective classes with their respective homeroom teachers, each carrying out roll calls on their students. A little while later, at 7.45 AM, students were on their way to their highly-anticipated field trip. Arriving there at approximately 8.25 AM, the seventh graders were buzzing with excitement as they chit-chatted while walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery all around them.


Once gathered together at the team building activity venue, team building games immediately were played after students had formed four teams, which were called the Hippo team, Grasshopper team, Giraffe team, and lastly the Ant team. There was a total five team-building activities, which were all equally entertaining and required trust among team members. The class also played a brief volleyball match during our 15-minute break. After a series of fun, but equivalently exhausting activities, they walked to the hotel lobby to take their respective room card and also to place their belongings in their rooms. They were transported using golf carts, suited for small roads, that was driven by hotel staff, five to seven students at a time. Arriving at the room, they changed into our swimming attire, took necessary items needed, and went out to eat our fully-deserved lunch, which was at the lobby. At 12:00 PM. They said the lunch was very delicious, as it was a buffet with many choices of food.


After sometimes, they decided to swim under the beautiful sunny skies. Afterward, many students joined together in their friend’s rooms to play games, sing, and dance. Each room was equipped with a 50-inch smart tv, allowing students access to the internet.

In the evening time students headed to the Barelang Seafood Restaurant to eat dinner. There were four large tables reserved for our group, where they enjoyed their evening meal together. Mr. David treated all of the students to ice cream, as they return back to their own villa/room.

Upon arrival at rooms, most seventh graders went walking to the teacher’s room/villa, which was up the hill, to attend a “meeting” about surprising a fellow classmate on his birthday.

Since it was Bryan’s birthday, the seventh-grade boys went to distract him from entering his room which later would be the surprise venue. Meanwhile, Mr. Helmi went to get the birthday cake, which was entrusted to the hotel, while the sevent- grade girls went to Bryan’s room to hide.

After distracting Bryan, Mr. Helmi and the other seventh-grade boys with Bryan back to his room, where students were hiding. Some hid behind the curtains, behind chairs, inside the bathroom, and also inside closets. Two people were holding the birthday cake, while the rest of the class, screamed ‘Surprise!” and began-singing, ‘Happy Birthday”, to the birthday boy, After the party ended all of the students returned to their rooms, as there was a 9 PM curfew.


           The next morning, we awoke by 6 AM and prepared for breakfast. Our breakfast was very delicious as it was a buffet again with many different choices of food. They went to swim again until 10 AM. At 10 AM the students went back to change and pack their bags for checkout. Students boarded the bus back to SGIA at 11:30 AM to return to the school. Upon arrival a lunch was prepared for the students. After the students had lunch they were dismissed at 1 PM.

Overall, this fieldtrip was everything that the seventh graders dreamed it would be! The class has already submitted ideas for next year’s class field trip!

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