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Secondary Department – Field Trip Report

SGIA Grade 8 Students Visit East Java

To expose the SGIA students beyond the borders of the classroom, an educational trip was conducted last October 3-6, 2017 in Batu Malang, East Java.


Malang, also known as city of apple and is popular as one of enchanting tourist destinations in East Java. It has cool atmosphere because mountains surround it and hills and we will find the green scenery as far as the eyes can see. These conditions made us choose Malang as a perfect destination for our field trip. There are many attractive places that offer perfect opportunity learning experiences for students as well as have fun, and create beautiful memories. Spending three days at Malang, students have visited some great places that enable them to experience both nature and technology. First day, after arriving, students had lunch at the local restaurant.

Students visited Jatim park I   at the second day. There is a place for them called The Bagong Adventure: Museum Tubuh to learn the human body and its function. To help students understand about what they are learning, they were given some worksheets that must be completed after the end of the explanations by the knowledgeable guides. At Jatim park, students not only learned body parts or science generally, but also they learned concepts in Physics, Math, and Chemistry.  Indonesian ethnic area especially houses and clothes displayed neatly and wonderfully here. Students spent an hour of free time to enjoy game attractions at the same area. It’s about 4 pm when the students finished their adventure at Jatim Park I then proceeded to Kebun apple to pick some apples. As the city that produces apple in Java, Malang people make a lot of various food from apple like cakes, crackers, drink, etc. that can be sold to tourist and local people.

Students visit Eco Green Park and Bate Secret Zoo on the third day. At Eco green Park, Students learned about recycling things, saw some of the exotic animals especially birds, and farming. Most of the decorations in the Eco Green Park are made from recycling materials. For example, the elephant was made from broken televisions and the dragon was made from used water bottles. Before lunch, students were given the chance to try planting paddies that enable them to experience farming. After lunch students visited Batu Secret Zoo where they experienced a zoo with the great concept with various collections of animals that were placed in glass cage surrounded with cliff rocks. Students also saw much Unique Zoo, much variety of monkeys, snakes, birds, as well as enjoyed seals attraction and feeding camels.

The students enjoyed the field trip  so much. Isabella from Grade 8A said that, “The trip was really fun and I would love to travel back and do it again. It was a really memorable, unforgettable and enjoyable field trip. Thank you so much to the ones who organized this amazing trip. Please make more!” and also Bram from Grade 8B said that, “I find this field trip fun and exciting, because it’s our first time in Malang and I find it like one of my special and important moments and it had some educational parts and some fun parts too. I hope we could have another field trip and it would be fun and exciting”.

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