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Grade 5 
Entrepreneur Days

This school year, Grade 5 has How We Organize Ourselves as our first unit of inquiry. Students would be learning about economic activity that relies on systems of production and consumption of goods and services. Students would also understand the role of consumers in creating demand by conducting a market survey. Ultimately, they would make a successful/profitable business by selling things during entrepreneurial days. 


To be successful entrepreneurs, students must create a profitable business plan. To start it, they conduct market research, make their business plan, get approval from G5 teachers and they will get a Rp300.000 loan to start their businesses. They will promote their businesses, prepare the materials, and start selling. 

For two weeks, 11 groups sell their products based on their schedule. Only SGIA students, teachers, and staff were their customers during the first week. In the second week, we invited parents to observe their children and give some suggestions to us. On Friday, September 8, 2023, we held Black Friday where students sold their remaining goods. As agreed, students paid back their loans, counted their profit, and split it into two. A half of their profit will be donated and another half is theirs to keep. The total profit earned was Rp15.036.000.  The total amount donated to charity was Rp7.518.000.

Observing the enthusiasm of the fifth graders in doing their entrepreneur days, we have a most valuable entrepreneur: Jayden Lim; the biggest earner: Vishaka, Michael, Jacob, and Almira; creative groups, innovative groups, and resilience groups. 




When students were doing their reflection, one of them wrote “I learned that it is hard to earn money.” A student shared that he could not sleep well the night before because his mind was on the selling day “Have I prepared everything? Did I miss anything?”. Another student mentioned that she should have bought more slime to sell. An unforgettable moment happened when a G12 student came and bought things every day, he gave some encouragement to his juniors “Keep on learning business”. We hope that this experience will encourage students to be successful entrepreneurs in the future. From parents' feedback, we got some suggestions such as selling more variations of stuff, and more days to hold this event and parents also wanted to have more entrepreneurial events for the students.

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