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SGIA’s PYP Exhibition SY 2016-2017

Our Grade 5 students had their PYP Exhibition Day last Friday (April 28). This school year we have 28 students, and based on their interest topics under the transdisciplinary theme “Who we are”, 10 groups were formed. The issues and topics that they have selected are Meditation, Social acceptance, Gender equality, Academic Stress, Obesity, Fandoms, Music, Gadgets, Future Technology and Problems in Social Media.

PYP Exhibition is a celebration where students demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning.

In the process, the students came up with a variety of actions as a result of their learning.


During the exhibition day, they shared their findings and experiences to their parents, other students, teachers and visitors. They also prepared an opening performance with songs of their choice, showcasing their creative side.

The artworks created by each group were also displayed on that day, to symbolise what they have understood from their research journey. The exhibition journey taught all of us, not only students but also teachers, a lot of things – patience, camaraderie, time-management, innovation and most especially the effort of working together!


By Ms. Peggy O.A. Ratulangi

Primary Years Programme Coordinator

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