SGIA Halloween Costume Bash 2018

Why Halloween?

Why not?

Several days before the 31st of October, grade 4 and 5 students were already discussing what to wear during the costume bash; scary, famous, funny characters and the likes. Came Wednesday the 31st, everybody was in their best Halloween costume especially the enthusiastic children of the ECC; costumes complete with their props and well made up. Proud parents brought their children and stayed for a while to click some photos of their children and friends.

Classes remained regular; however, a schedule was made for all the classes in ECC and elementary to participate to some fun Halloween games. These games helped develop motor skills especially for the ECC children as well as the patience of taking turns.

It was indeed a fun day, best costume for each class was selected and the certificates were awarded during the House Games.

Best Costume SGIA Halloween Bash 2018

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