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Distribution of MacBook for IB DP Students AY 2018-2019

One of our goals is to help our students achieve their success in academics, in addition to ensuring their social-emotional growth leading them to positive directions.

We have accepted 20 IB Diploma Programme students to the academic year of 2018-2019. We warmly welcome them to enter a new chapter of their lives, a journey that they would cherish in all aspects of their lives. A phase which is full of challenges at first but it will surely turn them into well-rounded individuals who will acquire reasonable thinking skills, time management skills, and shape them to become global players.


The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous curriculum. It requires students’ self-discipline, good work ethics, strong dedication and motivation. To support our IB DP students, we provide an Apple MacBook, a relevant tool to supplement the needs of our students for research and other related requirements which can reinforce and strengthen their knowledge and skills.

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