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SGIA Participates in and Wins Four Awards in Youth International Summit Model United Nations 2021

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia was honoured to participate in the Youth International Summit Model United Nations 2021, a remote conference attended by students from over twenty countries across the globe. The two- day conference involved active collaboration and substantial debates between delegates of each committee over various pressing world issues to formulate comprehensive communiques that address those problems. Seven students from Sekolah Global Indo-Asia, ranging from Grades 11 to 12, participated in the conference and were assigned to three different committees: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), and Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL). Delegates partook in discussions about Preventing Celestial Conflict, Strategies to Maintain Transparency in Elections in the United States and Southeast Asia, and Minimising and Addressing the Impact of Ocean Acidification.

Four SGIA students were recipients of awards as a result of their continuous efforts and unfaltering determination throughout the committee sessions. Saransh Mehta (12A) from Disarmament and International Security Committee, Lee Minwoo (11A) from Special Political and Decolonization Committee, and Athul Krishna Boban (11A) from United Nations Environment Assembly received the High Recommendation awards from their respective committees. Aow Si Li, Sara (11A) from Disarmament and International Security Committee received the Special Mention award.

Although the conference was held virtually, it did not turn into limitations for the delegates from SGIA. The students consistently persevered and gave their best in the weekend conference. The experience was undoubtedly rewarding, leaving the seven students with valuable skills and knowledge that they could apply in future endeavours.

Here’s what each of the seven delegates have to say about the conference:

This was the first Youth International Summit Model United Nations I have attended. Although I have done previous MUNs, this was one of the most active and probably my favourite MUNs of all. I was representing the Delegation of Austria in the UNEA committee, which was addressing Ocean Acidification. My communique (resolution) was passed with flying colours; that was one of the proudest moments since we only had 5 people working on it. I was also awarded a High Recommendation (similar to second place)! – Athul Krishna Boban (11A)

YISMUN was my first time encountering the North American MUN. From communiques, lack of an amendment procedure, and a mix of HMC and THAIMUN, everything was different. However, with the help of my fellow MUN club members, I was able to engage the conference with my full capacity and won the High Recommendation award along the way. This experience was very meaningful and I hope to share this with others in the next conference. – Lee Minwoo (11A)

YISMUN was a day shorter than the conferences I have previously attended, focused on only one topic, and had new, different committee procedures, but I have learned a lot from it nonetheless. I was slightly worried of hectic schedules restricting the amount of preparation I was able to make, but am relieved that it went well. I was glad to be able to work alongside all the delegates in our committee—even if we had differing stances on the issue at hand—and was thrilled to have collaborated on a detailed and effective communique. It certainly was an awesome experience. – Aow Si Li, Sara (11A)

Participating in YISMUN 2021, it was my first experience attending a college level conference, the standards of debate and evaluation were an interesting experience—to say the least. Representing the Kingdom of Belgium, I presented the Belgian policy on the militarisation of space, while collaborating with other members of the committee in order to draft a resolution to establish legislation that would ensure the use of outer space for peaceful purposes. Having this resolution passed was satisfying for me, but as a world citizen I recognise the need for updating existing laws in order to preserve peace on earth and in space. – Saransh Mehta (12A)

Model United Nations has given me the most amazing thing in life: a passion, a love that I can’t shake. Joining YISMUN brought me one step closer towards my future goal. As I made those speeches, my peers listened; nobody stood up to make fun of me, to tear me back down. Every time I put myself in front of groups of people, waiting to be judged, I only found a committee full of people who listened to what I had to say. Today, not only am I comfortable speaking at conferences, but I also have enough confidence in myself to be the person I want to be, to walk through life unafraid of being judged. I highly encourage every student who is hesitant to join MUN to take their first valorous leap and experience Model United Nations. I would also like to thank all the club members, debate captains, and Miss Joy for providing the best ever Model United Nations experience for me.

— Bryan Inkiriwang (12A)

I was actually hesitant at first to join the YISMUN and decided not to join. However, one of my friends secretly registered me, and here I am, joining the conference. During the preparation process, my friends helped me understand the basics of MUN, writing a position paper, speeches and gave me tips. Aalbeit having to face my nervousness, I successfully made some speeches throughout the conference. I had also requested feedback from the chairs to see what aspects I did well in and what I could improve in. In the end, YISMUN has helped me to learned important things about debating, its procedures, and experiencing various aspects: speaking, researching, writing, and, most importantly, building my confidence. Overall, this has been a great experience for me, despite not really enjoying it, but I hope you all had a fun time and experience!

– Nectarios Keane Nugroho (12A)

This is my second time attending an MUN conference, and I had a great time debating with the other delegates during YISMUN committee sessions. It helped me to develop my communication skills and understand more MUN memes. — Veincent Yap (12A)

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