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K2 Resource Speakers

Our class’ unit of inquiry is under the Trans disciplinary theme of Who we are, which is focusing on Family. To gain more information for students about family, we have invited two different resource speakers in our classroom.


2. Mr Paul Robert Harlock
Mr. Harlock is one of the K2 parents, Mr. Harlock shared a lot of information about the families to the students, like the diversity of families, family tree, the importance of families, the  role of family members, he also shared the family influence and parent’s expectation from their children.


1. Mr Didit
Mr Didit is one of the primary teachers in SGIA, he shared the information about his family members, his role as a child in his family, he explained to the students how his parents raised him.

The student showed their interest by showing their enthusiasm by asking questions to the speakers.
By having these two resource speakers, they helped students to gain more  understanding to see the diversities of family, they were able to compare between Mr. Didit and Mr. Harlock’s family members, their family roles, and the students know that they are a part of a family.

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