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People Tell Stories in Different Ways

and for Different Reasons

Our fourth unit of inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme of “How We Express Ourselves”. The students need to understand the different ways of storytelling and the reasons why stories are told.

We are in our ongoing process of learning and we have invited the guest speakers to do a demonstration of a particular storytelling style and have a short discussion of it with the students too. These resources speakers shared their knowledge and experiences since they are considered skilled in these areas.

Our resource speakers are:

Pak Fajar

Pak Fajar is a photographer. He does storytelling by photography. He tells the story through several photos that are displayed to students. Through photos, he tells a variety of events and stories. He likes photography because it is fun and creative in telling stories. Students were very happy to hear it and at the end of their presentation, they ask various questions.


Ms. Peggy

Ms. Peggy is an ECC (Early Childhood) Art Teacher. She did storytelling with the use of flannel cloth. Through flannel pieces formed in various characters and objects such as people, trees, bridges, etc. students listened carefully to the story. Ms. Peggy likes using flannel cloth because she had wonderful memories of it when she was still going to Sunday school.  The use of flannel cloth as the media of the story made them very interested in the story.


Ms. Dora

Ms. Dora is a Primary music teacher. She did storytelling through music. Ms. Dora performed two stories entitled “Three Little Pigs” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”. She added elements of music in the story which made the story more interesting to watch. Music is very important in a story.


Ibu Eko

Ms. Eko is a dance teacher. She performed a dance about a brave heroine from East Java named Dewi Sekar Mayang. Although she is a woman who has a gentle nature, she is also very strong, persistent and invincible. Ms. Eko believes that she has the talent to use in telling stories. Retelling the story through dance, it was very interesting for students. They asked a lot because they wanted to know many things about the story through dance.


Students have been able to gain a different way to learn through the experiences they have had during the story-telling sessions. They have had various ways to engage and build their knowledge and skills by themselves, from the teachers and also through resource speakers. This is a very positive way for them where they can learn from other sources.

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