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Professional Development (PD) is a key function within school environments, and helps teachers develop into more effective educators. At its simplest form PD can be defined as the development of competence, and the acquiring of skills to improve performance (Ferrier-Kerr, Keown & Hume, 2009).

Teachers need to be open to change and adapt their teaching pedagogy appropriately so that they can adapt to the changing nature of school environments and their student’s needs. 21st century schools are rapidly changing with the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), E-learning and other technology which are changing the face of education.

Teachers are required to learn new skills so that they can maximise their student’s learning opportunities, which places
more importance on PD.

SGIA has planned a series of PDs for this academic year to strengthen our teachers' knowledge and skills toward the programmes our school is implementing.

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