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Primary Years Programme (PYP) Evaluation

Last October 19-21, 2022 was our school’s PYP evaluation visit day and it marked the culmination of our programme evaluation. Since the beginning of last school year (July 2021), our teachers and staff have been doing a lot of work to prepare us for the visit. We sent questionnaires to parents, students, and staff as a school, and we did a self-assessment/reflection on the practices of the programme implementation in our school. We also revised our policies and documents to meet the new standards and practices from the IB. During the three days, “virtual” visits on October 19-21, our PYP evaluation team (Ms. Waseema Khawaja and Ms. Diana Sumadianti) visited the classrooms and our school facilities, interviewed our students, teachers, parents representatives, and school leadership team. They observed the teaching and learning process in the classrooms, and the display around the school, and also checked our documents, pictures, and videos as part of the evidence of the programme implementation. 


Overall, the journey of our evaluation since last year has been very meaningful to improve the implementation of PYP at SGIA. The evaluation process allows us to pause and reflect on what is working and what may need more attention, as mentioned in the Guide to programme evaluation (2020). The evaluation team has given us much feedback and input to strengthen the programme implementation, and for now, we will continue to reflect, revise and do the necessary action to improve the implementation according to the standards and practices. 


We would like to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to all staff, students, parents, teachers, the school leadership team, governing body, and all stakeholders for their support, effort, and hard work throughout the evaluation process. Thank you!

Peggy Ratulangi (PYP Coordinator)

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