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Safety First

Guaranteeing the safety of our students in school is one of the top priorities of teachers and school administration. This has brought first aid training to the forefront making it mandatory in our school. Having teachers and staff trained in first aid not only boosts the safety of the entire school, but it also can make a big difference in the event of a medical emergency.


As first aid offers a range of benefits, therefore, it is a must for the teachers and students to get a proper first aid training so that they can contribute to preserving lives. Without initial medical assistance, a mild injury might turn into a serious one. Moreover, serious injuries when not treated on time can be fatal. To ensure the safety of all the staff members and students, it is important to have first aid in the schools. It is vital to make everyone aware of the basic methods they should apply after an accident occurs.

It is beyond doubt that knowledge of first aid promotes a safer and healthier environment. Having staff and teachers who are well equipped with first aid skills contribute to enhancing the safety of the schools. Many students experience accidents while they are in school. The accidents might lead to simple injuries, serious wounds or fractures. However, the victim can be given initial assistance until the doctor arrives. It is important to have trained staff and teachers who can utilise their skills and take quick action to treat the affected person. They can apply the right procedures to prevent more damage.


Many accidents occur in schools ranging from minor scrapes and wounds to fractures and other health problems that require a swift initial medical response. Consequently, we have decided to certify selected staff and teachers on a Basic First Aid Training conducted by the Indonesian Red Cross Society (Palang Merah Indonesia).


Teachers and staff with good knowledge of the first aid are likely to be more alert and active. They make sure they are not vulnerable to any accident or injuries. First aid promotes a sense of safety. It makes them capable of managing incidents and assessing casualties. The more they are aware of the accidents, illnesses, and treatments, the more they become conscious.

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