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Gold for the SGIA Children’s Choir
at the SICF 2023

Singapore International Choral Festival SICF 2023 was recently held last July 16-20, 2023, its first competition after a three-year hiatus. It hosted 60 choirs from Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, participating in eight categories. 

Our newly-formed choir (10-month old to be exact) participated in the festival with zero exposure to any choir competition, through our students’ resilience and determination with the selfless support of the co-coaches; Ms Chyntia, Ms Monique and Mr Martomo, Mr David (pianist) and of course with the great effort of our very own Mr Daniel Dasalak, their choir director, were able to bag the Gold award for the children’s category.

It was challenging from the preparation until the event as it is our first time being in such a competition; choosing the suitable materials for the costume, finding vendors that meet our standards, and looking for the hotel location, a big thanks to our volunteers who also became the chaperones during the event. 

Our utmost appreciation also goes to Ibu Indah, our COO who inspired and worked hand in hand with the entire committee to achieve our goal for our children’s choir.

The gruelling regular rehearsals worked, shortening the students’ holiday was affected; However, their hard work paid off. 

Congratulations, SGIA Children’s Choir, this is only the beginning.

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