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Our Grade 5 students had their PYP Exhibition last Friday, April 29, 2016. The PYP exhibition is a significant event in the life of a PYP school and it is a culminating experience where students are given opportunities to synthesize the essential elements of PYP and to demonstrate the IB Learner Profile that they have been developing throughout their learning journey in SGIA.

This year, our exhibition had taken place under the transdisciplinary theme of “How We Express Ourselves”. Through the exploration of the theme and local/global issues, the students came up with various research topics and they were divided into 11 groups (each group with 3 members). These include Video games, Physical exercise, Music, Creative thinking, Multiculturalism, Advertisement, Use of Language, War, Animal’s rights, Modern lifestyle, and Cyber bullying.

Other than presenting the findings of their inquiry on the PYP Exhibition day, the eleven groups also presented their 3D artwork and mini-performances to express their understanding. As for the opening, they presented a creative performance that involves playing percussion, singing and dancing. We are pleased to see the enthusiasm of the students and to see parents coming to our school listening and watching their kids’ presentations.

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