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SGIA’s victory in the 20th Harvard Model Congress Asia

The 20th Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) was held in one of the premier universities in South Korea, Seoul National University from January 8 -10 2024. The conference is a government simulation that lasted for 3 days that was attended by 400 high school students from different participating schools and countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam,

Thailand,   Cambodia, Hongkong, Japan, Georgia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia. SGIA was represented by 15 delegates, ranging from grades 10-12, who were assigned to 8 different committees:   Senate      Foreign

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Relations,    Association    of    Southeast    Asian   Nations,    United    Nations    Climate    Change    Conference  (COP 28), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, (UNESCAP), United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Security Council, and World Health Organization. Our delegates debated gracefully in each of their respective committees, collaborating with other delegates to form a concise resolution to the issues that they were served. The delegates discussed several topics such as but not limited to: Climate Resilience, Climate Migration, Maritime Trade Connectivity, Child Marriage in South Asia, Cholera Epidemics and Urbanization, The Impact of Climate Change on Military Bases, Preventing Antibiotic Resistance and the US-Philippine Military Alliance. Hard work and effort were poured into thorough research by our delegates to substantially contribute and participate in the debates, discussion and bill writing for the three-day conference. 

At the end of the conference, an SGIA student, Vanessa Puar Calina Lutfi, was awarded Honorable Mention in the COP 28 committee. She confidently spoke in front of other delegates and cooperatively discussed the issues about Environmental Risks of Mining and Climate Migration, to form an effective and concise resolution to combat the issues at hand as the delegate of Yemen. 

Furthermore,  three  of  our  students,  Adhityo  Darmansyah  (Grade 12),  Ghaisan  Hafuza  Kasabi (Grade 11)  and  Kingston  DJ  Saputra  (Grade 11),  were  awarded  scholarships by HMCA - with Adhityo receiving a full scholarship and

Ghaisan  along  with  Kingston receiving

partial scholarships. 


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HMCA Picture 3.jpg

        This  HMCA  conference  has  been an eye-opening  and  unforgettable  experience  for  both  our 

school’s first-timers and the senior delegates. HMCA  2024   has definitely  instilled  passion to resolve global issues among our delegates and provided them a new tale of meaningful experience  to

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share  with  our  school  community.  It  was  truly  a  once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity  filled  with  joy and thrill for both our delegates and their accompanying supervisors.

HMCA  2024  has  been  an  unforgettable  conference  for  our  delegates,  here  are  what  they  have to say about it:

While the HMCA conference posed its challenges, the undeniable joy and fulfillment I experienced throughout strengthen my enthusiasm for engaging in diplomatic simulationsGhaisan

My journey to HMCA 2024 marks the beginning and not the end of my continual improvement in public speaking - Joel

The HMCA conference had taught me how to be enthusiastic and supportive at the same time, the way I perceive things had changed. There are a billion ways to achieve what you want, but intention matter. – Sabrina


Thanks to HMCA, I was given a chance to develop my thinking and public speaking skills and deepen my understanding of global issues while collaborating and befriending students from around Asia, helping me get out of my comfort zone. – Whitnie


In a competitive situation, you must really push yourself to stand out in the spotlight to be recognized. Kingston


HMCA has been a surreal experience and a wonderful opportunity for me to grow both as a delegate and as a person. It gave me the chance to meet new people and gave me new perspectives on the world around me, I won’t forget this experience. Ryan

I learned to be confident and be more proactive while in a conference. – Alfred

HMCA taught me how to engage in diplomatic issues, deepen my understanding of international relations, create solutions for global challenges, and communicate and build friendships with other delegates, chairs, and faculty members, who come from diverse backgrounds. Florencia

Because of the HMCA conference I learned to become more open-minded and speak out a lot more than I used to, as well as gaining the confidence to collaborate more with other delegates. Aisyah

HMCA pushed me beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to create meaningful learning discussions and form wonderful friendships. Vanessa

HMCA was a wonderful experience filled with new insights that will stay with me as a great memory in attending my last conference as SGIA delegate. - Sarah

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