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SGIA PYP Teachers’ Training, August 18-19, 2017

The following workshops are an important part for our Programme Evaluation in November 2017. It is a requirement that all teachers must have Category 1 Making the PYP Happen Workshop. In addition, the Category Inquiry 3 Workshop will help our teachers to gain a deeper understanding on the implementation of inquiry as the leading pedagogical approach of the PYP.

1. Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Category 1


This workshop assists teachers who are currently in an IB World School offering the PYP but did not have the opportunity to receive category 1 workshop training before commencing their responsibilities. Participants will develop their personal knowledge and understanding of the essential elements of the programme, deepen their understanding of international-mindedness and the learner profile; prepare themselves for planning, teaching and assessing students; and develop skills to analyse and refine the school’s programme of inquiry. The workshop environment supports educators as lifelong learners through reading and discussing current pedagogy and research. It supports teachers with their insights and questions on their journey to implement the PYP. 

2. Inquiry, Category 3

Inquiry is the pedagogy that underpins all programmes in the IB. This workshop looks at how the PYP framework provides opportunities for all learners to engage in relevant and significant inquiries through the transdisciplinary themes and in single-subject classes. You will critique a range of inquiry models emphasizing that inquiry is an ongoing process that leads to reflection, new inquiries and deep understanding. Inquiry is true differentiation, supporting the personal construction of meaning and meaningful action regardless of language competency or learning style.

SGIA Primary Teachers are lucky to have the support from the Management Team as headed by, Mrs. Indah Salazar, the school’s Chief Operating Officer and the expertise of the following workshop leaders from IB World Schools at Singapore:

1. “Making PYP Happen” by  Gracie Abadesco
Venue: ECC Music Room
Participants: 17

2. “Inquiry” by Paul Rimmer 
Venue: PD Room
Participants: 25

The Primary Leaders look forward that having the professional development at the early part of the school year; the teachers will gain a better perspective and experience toward dealing with their students’ needs and interests side-by-side their teaching theoretical backgrounds.


It is also a great start for our PYP Teachers to collaborate ideas and efforts, enhance teaching styles and methodologies and unlock difficulties about PYP concepts to teaching and learning with the help of other experienced PYP Workshop Leaders, who have been highly recommended by the IB Office in Singapore.

Written by:

Mrs. Edina Araneta-Sarenas

Primary Department, Principal

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