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“Teaching and Learning Should Bring Joy”

The marks of an ideal educational institution can be best reflected in empowering its staff and members, building and maintaining their morale and providing learning opportunities for their growth and professional development. Such practices are being observed in Sekolah Global Indo-Asia where teachers could collaborate and share best practices for effective teaching and learning.

The professional development session led by Mr. Edd Francis Sansano last September 14, 2018 focused on the pressing issues that the educational sector is facing today: no-zero policy, measuring academic success, assessment, retention, project-based learning and differentiated learning. The exchange of ideas and opinions related to the said issues was very insightful- it allowed educators of different fields to reflect on how to address such challenges.

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Interestingly, Mr. Edd also shared his best practices in conducting a lesson or a unit focusing on a procedure and strategy that works for him: use of provocation and motivation, scaffolding and differentiated activities and plenary. It was emphasized, however, that teachers should use methods that suit their personality, their topic, their students and their setting as long as learning outcomes and objectives are met.

Overall, it was a session where teachers honed their learning and growth mindset; they were open to new ideas and were keen to try some practices that might work in their respective classes. Truly, it is in sharing that we learn.

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