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Secondary Department – Field Trip Report

Teambuilding at Turi Beach Resort

On the 5th and 6th of October 2017, the Grade 9 students of SGIA had a Teambuilding Activity at Turi Beach Resort, to provide effective means of developing independence, improving socialization skills and self-discipline.

Some of the teambuilding activities included the Tire Brigade- where the whole team had to make it to the other side by balancing on tires, Nitro Crossing-a particularly interesting activity involving swinging on a rope Tarzan-style, and Spring Water, where the objective was to fill a leaky tube with seawater and stop the leaks using any method possible. Needless to say, everyone soon got sprayed wet!


The Raft-Building activity was a blast; the students got to use and maneuver the rafts they built and even had a friendly raft race. The Socialization Activity that night was also entertaining. The students played Charades, among many other games, and William and Famke were awarded with a sash for the Best Casual Wear that night. The night ended with a bang as some of the students put together a small performance of ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran for us.

The students themselves have given testimonies of their experience:

“The field trip gave us a chance to work together and tested our critical thinking skills. We made many pleasant memories and had a great time.” – Angela


“It was a fun experience and we got to know each other better.” – Nadira


“We enjoyed the many activities and we were able to work together as a group; we bonded with one another.”

– Erika


“In all of the activities, teamwork was paramount. This trip constructed a far more solid relationship between my classmates.” - Ezekiel


Overall, the trip was informative, enjoyable and fun, packed with variety of activities that engaged the students to appreciate the value of togetherness. The students co-operated and communicated with everything they did, making the trip a success as a whole.

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