In line with our Unit of Inquiry “How We Express Ourselves,” we let our students experience, another great way of understanding stories which is through stage drama. Last February 14, the theatre group called Teater Bumi performed one of the famous Indonesian folktales “Malin Kundang” on stage. It is a story about an ungrateful son who turned into a stone after being cursed by his mother.

Classes from K2 until Grade 5 attended the show. Students enjoyed watching as they were able to observe how drama allows the performers to express different emotions and how background music, wearing make-up and costume can influence the presentation of the story.

After the Teater Bumi presentation, they gave tome for a question and answer session with the Grade 1 students. This gave an opportunity for the children to understand better the different features of a drama presentation.

It was indeed fun and educating day for everybody.

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