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Across IB DP Subjects

Theory of Knowledge or TOK as commonly known, is one of the core subjects of the IB Diploma Programme. It is a course about critical thinking in which all schools are required to devote at least 100 hours of class time. As a core subject, TOK is seen to be at the heart of the Diploma Programme, along with Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE). The academic disciplines from the different IB subject groups, while separate to the core is nonetheless linked to it. TOK depends on the disciplines to provide enrichment, and individual subjects should be nourished by TOK as one of the core subjects. This involves transferring and applying the critical thinking process developed in TOK to the study of academic disciplines and inquiry into the nature of knowledge construction.


In order to further enhance this practice and process across IB DP subjects, a professional development session about TOK integration, led by Ms. Mary Joy Cabreza, was held last October 19, 2018. The session involved recap of basic TOK concepts and assessments, emphasis on the value of TOK in the IBDP Curriculum and sharing of ways on how to integrate TOK in daily lessons. The session held last October was the second PD session on TOK. The same session was led by Ms. Joy last academic year which focused on the basic concepts of the core and a glimpse of a TOK class.

Additionally, the session focused on the development of second order knowledge questions which is considered to be the center of TOK discussion and assessments. The IB DP teachers were placed into varied collaborative learning groups as they perform pre-assessment activity, formulate knowledge questions (KQs) from their own subjects, present their outputs to the rest of the group and raise questions to clarify some matters.

Overall, the session was filled with insights, collaboration and openness to new methods in order to develop our students’ critical thinking and strengthen integration across the IB DP Curriculum.

Written by: Mary Joy Cabreza

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