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We are Ready to Serve

With schools closed across the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and most people sticking very close to home, suddenly parents are confronted with the sometimes dismaying prospect of keeping kids occupied, day in and day out.


It has been a month since the government ordered the school lockdown; unexpectedly, it would last this long; nevertheless, we (administration, faculty, staff and academic support), at SGIA have been trying our best to extend our services to everyone to continue the teaching learning at home.


Parents’ role is to be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage. Use the time with your child to work out family dynamics and relationships, and each child’s goals and dreams. Every family will arrive at different formulations for how they live and learn together over time.


The contagious crisis of the coronavirus hands us the same opportunity: to drive learning through curiosity, play, and exploration across cultures and generations—using all sorts of technology, from pencils and paper to cardboard and kitchenware, but while taking a break from electricity, from screens, and the wild west we call the internet. It is a chance to remind students and their families that learning hides all around the home, whether that be a house, a duplex, or an apartment and that the secret ingredients to new knowledge are imagination, discovery, and sharing.

We are indebted to all the parents who have supported the school as well as their children to continue the learning processes at home. It is challenging yet you make it the point that you are working hand in hand with us. We do appreciate all of you.

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