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"Which Character is the Most Interesting?"

This has encouraged the students to be more excited and interested in exploring our central idea, “Telling stories allows people to appreciate diverse cultures.”

The dressing up also helps the students to be more motivated to discuss among themselves the other elements of the story such as setting, problem, and the solution.

Surely, dressing up for the students is just as fun as it proved to be a purposeful provocation. 

There is a reason why we always find dressing up as  fun and incredible way of influencing children’s imagination.

As Grade 1 students have just started their unit on the Transdisciplinary Theme – “How We Express Ourselves”, the teachers decided to put on costumes of different movie characters. The characters represented are 'Hermione', 'Queen of Hearts', and 'Pennywise' that were taken from the movies: 'Harry Potter', 'Alice in Wonderland', and 'IT' respectively.

- By Grade  1 Homeroom Teachers 

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