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Lower Secondary





Cambridge Checkpoint is a part of Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme which a framework for educational success for students approximately 11-14 years old.

It builds on the lower secondary stage, and develops children's knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and Science. 


Lower Secondary also offers schools a means of tracking student progress through the lower secondary phase, with an integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment materials. 


At the end of Lower Secondary, students can sit Cambridge Checkpoint tests which provide detailed feedback on students' strengths and weaknesses before they move into the 14-16/IGCSE/O Level stage. 



  • Developing successful students 

  • International benchmark 

  • Monitoring student progress 

  • Flexible programme, flexible assessment 


Cambridge Checkpoint tests

The Cambridge Checkpoint tests can be used independently or can be taken at the end of Grade 8. They are available in English, Maths and Science and are set and marked by CIE.


Checkpoint tests provide detailed diagnostic feedback on a student's strengths and weaknesses in each topic within each subject. Feedback reports show how a student has performed in relation to:

  • the curriculum framework 

  • their teaching group 

  • a whole school cohort 

  • previous years' students 


As well as detailed feedback, students receive an attractively presented statement of achievement.


Cambridge Checkpoint Curriculum Framework

The Cambridge Checkpoint Curriculum Framework identifies a set of learning objectives for English, Mathematics and Science for each year of lower secondary education. It forms the core of the Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme and:

  • provides natural progression from primary education through the three years of lower secondary education 

  • provides a structure that focuses on what students should be able to do at the end of each stage 

  • covers all learning objectives assessed in Cambridge Checkpoint - providing the option of using Cambridge Checkpoint tests, which are externally set and marked 

  • provides excellent preparation for candidates progressing to IGCSE or O Level courses. 

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